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Emma Versluys is currently working on diverse work for Pakje Kunst Arnhem.


Would you like to see Emma Versluys' full visual art portfolio? Send her a message by clicking the square below, and she will reach out to you.

Residency - Makershuis Tilburg// DansBrabant
with Peeled Collective

During our Makers Trajectory we will focus on the question: How can we make visual art part of a performative work? We often use this medium to shape our imaginary world and find it scenographically interesting to think about how we could involve such a static object in something like a movement performance.

For this research, drawings, illustrations and paintings were created by Emma Versluys. Each day, there was a compilation made of the research that we did, which you can see by clicking on each day.

5 until 18th of February 2024

The following creations were made as part of the research.


A3, blue ballpoint pen on white paper, 2023

Collection of Blue Drawings

Collection of Blue Drawings is an on-growing collection.

The drawings depict flowers and plants. The detailed way of drawing is a direct representation of the time, precision, dedication and focus,  it takes to grow.

Each of these drawings is made with Blue ballpoint pen on paper (A5).

Made between 2022 and now.


   Blue drawing plant

       A3, Blue ballpoint pen on white paper, 2023

    This Blue Drawing was added to the collection. It is a different size and is therefore an extra.

   Flower Fish

    Watercolor on paper, 2023

   Flower Fish - The Big Draw 2023

    As part of The Big Draw in de buurt Arnhem, Flower Fish was drawn onto the window at Kunstlokaal in the Steenstraat in Arnhem.

   Untitled 2023

     A5, pen ad marker on white paper, 2023

   Als kind kon ik vliegen

      A3, acrylic paint, colored pencils, black pen on white paper, 2023

   Yellow days, yellow haze

   This drawing was made in collaboration with Peeled Collective, as part of their performance research: Yellow days, yellow haze.

      A3, colored pencil on white paper, 2022

   Door de oppervlakte

    Door de oppervlakte is an illustration made for 'Door de oppervlakte' by Emma Hanekroot.

      40 x 45cm, blue pen on white paper, 2021

Untitled  2023

A3, pen and marker on white paper, 2023

Untitled 2023

A4, colored pencils and black pen on grey paper, 2023


A3, black ballpoint pen on white paper, 2021

   Still alive

      A4, acrylic paint and black ballpoint pen on white paper, 2023


Schijnlicht is a drawing inspired by a text, written by Emma Hanekroot called 'Schijnlicht'.

A4, black ballpoint pen on white paper, 2022


A4, text by Emma Hanekroot, black ballpoint pen on white paper, 2022

   Vis en Mens

    Vis en mens are four individual coasters that collectively for a composition. The way the drawings are combined will always determine what the composition will look like,

    10x10cm, black ballpoint pen on white paper, 2022

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